Dreadlocks & Entrepreneurship: An Inevitable Stop on a Nappy Journey


In 2018, finding a good job is becoming harder and harder. With downsizes, technological advancements, and the over-saturation of job-hunters finding a good gig could seem impossible sometimes.

Well, having dreadlocks can dramatically affect the already low possibilities of finding a good job. Although America has become more tolerant of locs in today’s culture, it is still a barrier that holds potentially great employees from lucrative opportunities.

I’ve noticed this more often with freeform style dreadlocks. Due to the lack of common knowledge about the sciences of kinky/tightly coiled hair (hair typically found in people of African descent) the beauty of freeform locs gets misrepresented as lazy, lower-class, careless etc. This is far from the reality.

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If you have locs, especially freeform locs, this dilemma may lead you to a split in the road. Either keep ice skating uphill in the scarce job market or take your financial future into your own hands and acquire assets through your own endeavors.

I chose option two. Although I am currently employed, my extra energy that is not devoted to working the corporate plantation or devoted to my family is directed towards my future self sustainability, my financial freedom.

I know for a fact that my hair has played a direct role in my advancement opportunities. Rather then complain to deaf ears about it, I chose to take my situation into my own hands and I encourage all of you to do the same. The energy you spend telling on corporate america to corporate america could have been spent on building your own corporation.

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If you are looking for ways you could earn money outside of the job market here are a couple of ways that help me that you may find interesting. These are not “get rich quick” type of opportunities, these are simply channels of income that could open up for you with effort, education and application. Obviously there are more ways of creating income then these couple, but here are 2 ways you could earn money without compromising your dreadlocks in corporate america:

Free Investing/Trading Stocks – Robinhood

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Learn to how invest and trade stocks. If you don’t know anything about stocks I will leave a few links below to books I’ve personally bought that have influenced my trading/investing education.



These links will take you to Amazon to see more information on these books if you are interested:


IMG_0173 2

The Intelligent Investor

The Ultimate Day Trader

How to Day Trade for a Living

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

Currency Trading for Dummies

Day Trading for Dummies

Stock Investing for Dummies

Investing Bible

If you already know how to trade/invest and you haven’t heard yet, I’m happy to introduce you to Robinhood

Join FREE Today

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Get a free stock share valued between $2.5-$200 instantly for signing up through this referral link Get Free Stock, Sign Up Today!!

(If you sign up WITHOUT using the referral link you WILL NOT get a free stock)



Modern Measures. Smart Notifications. Fast Execution. Request Brochure. Real-Time Market Data. Highlights: Uses Modern Security Measures, Fast Execution, Providing Real-Time Market Data.

Start Your Own WordPress Website 

Starting a website can open all kinds of sources of income: direct sales, affiliate marketing, subscription fees, donations, advertising, and much more. If you’ve never made a website, let me tell you, it’s not that hard. There are many platforms you could use to start a website. Out of the others I have tried, WordPress is by far the best platform I’ve use yet and I am thoroughly satisfied. Even when I have a question, I email their support office, and usually the reply comes a lot sooner then what they advertise. So if you want more information about how to start a website click the link below and get started today!


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As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.



Author: Jason Williams

You can support the movement and the website @ patreon.com/trudreadz. Your support helps grow the website, support the creators, and bring future ideas into reality. Thank you in advance. Stay up, Stay loc'd, Stay tru. Peace.

2 thoughts

  1. This Blog is very informative, insightful with a dynamic perspective!!! Thank you for providing an unbiased platform, in which all brothers and sisters can have dialogue and celebrate the very essence of our diverse heritage!!! Kudos Jason 🙏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I appreciate the compliments, I work really hard and It’s nice when other people see it. Sometimes I wonder if people really appreciate what I’m doing. Your words help inspire me forward. Thank you, for real 🙏🏾✊🏾✌🏾


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