How To Repair Dreadlocks/Locs Thinning At The Roots And Why You Shouldn’t Twist So Often (Video)

In this video I go over my ideas on what you can do to repair thinning dreadlocks, especially locs that are thinning so much they are about to fall out. Basically, I recommend not twisting your hair so much. This only works if it’s not too late. By too late I mean your roots are already severely damaged. If it is too late, then your two remaining options are to start over or pay for a loctician to repair your locs.


Author: Jason Williams

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2 thoughts

  1. Just thought I’d offer my two cents here as this is definitely a subject I’ve struggled with before. One of the things that helped me in occasional struggles with thinning roots was the decision to maintain my dreads myself rather than going to shops. I tend to casually twist my roots here and there throughout the day, and almost always do so before heading to work in the morning, so I don’t think twisting itself is the issue, just be careful not to twist them too much or too tightly. I find that looser/gentler twists at the roots help maintain clear and separate locks without damaging your hair too much, especially after washing 🙂

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