June 18, 2018

Did A School Principal At A Mississippi Elementary Cut Off A Child’s Dreadlocks?

“The incident took place on Monday at North Jones Elementary School in Jones County, Mississippi, during one of the child’s classes. The 11-year-old was called to the office without reason, and the principal cut off portions of his hair hanging in front of his face, according to a report from WDAM 7.” – okayplayer.com

Source: Lattrice Averette’s Facebook

Tommy Parker, Jones County School District Superintendent said the school completed it’s investigation into the accusation on Wednesday. After interviewing students, faculty and reviewing video surveillance footage from the school, Parker said there is zero evidence to support the accusation.

“Based on what we found, we found absolutely no evidence that there is any proof what so ever that his allegations of having his hair cut at school exist,” Parker said.

“I spent two hours watching minute by minute video today to see if their was an occasion that the student that’s made the accusations against the school’s principal was at or near the school office,” Parker said. “In the time frame he said he was at the school office, there is no video evidence that he was at or near the school office at any time.” – wdam.com

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What Would You Do If This Was Your Child?

According to wdam.com, Averette ended up withdrawing her son from the school.

“I was highly upset,” Averette said. “I needed something to be done, and I wanted some justice for my son. He is autistic, suffers from ADHD and post-traumatic stress because of this school. I needed some help. Since that time, I have been to the police department. I have pressed charges with the justice court against the school’s principal as well as the school’s counselor. I have been to the superintendent’s office and I’m waiting for them to complete their investigation.”

Mississippi Principal Accused of Cutting Boy’s Locs Cleared by School Officials

Mississippi Elementary School Principal Accused Of Cutting Off Child’s Dreadlocks