Natural Hair Solutions: Is Rose Water Good For Your Locs?

There’s a lot of chatter going on in Dreadlock Community Groups about Rose Water? Is it good for your hair? Does is promote hair growth? Is it safe? Let’s take a look.

What is Rose Water?

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Rose water is a liquid made from rose petals and water. It has medicinal and culinary values. It is also used as a perfume due to its sweet scent.

Facts About Rose Water

  • There generally are no side effects from using rose water
  • There are powerful antioxidants in rose water
  • Research has shown rose water can help relax the central nervous system

According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Rose water contains 10% to 50% rose oil. Religious ceremonies use the largest quantities of rose water. Rose water can come in different forms.

Rose oil

Rose oil is created by distilling the rose flower. It can be produced in factories and is a pale, yellow color and semisolid. Rose oil is known to be a generally expensive product.

Dried flowers

Rose buds and petals can be dried and are used for a variety of reasons.

Often the petals are eaten and are used for the digestive benefits.


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“There are evidences that Rosaceae family is an ancient plant (8, 9,15). Some fossils of rose are found in America that are 30 million years old (15). The origin of Damask rose is the Middle East and some evidences indicate that the origin of rose water is Iran, but the origin of its fragrant oil and extracts is Greece (16). This plant is cultivated in all over the world including Iran, Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey and India (17). The major cultivation areas of R. damascena in Iran are Kashan, Fars and Azerbaijan, among them Kashan is the most famous one (8).” – NCBI

Should You Use Rose Water On Your Locs?

“The only problem that I personally have with rose water is the commercially available bottles of rose water, and that’s because they actually have to include so many preservatives to extend the shelf life of the rose water so that it can be shipped and bought and the used by you.

So, if you’re going to use rose water, my personal recommendation is that you make it yourself so that you know that youre getting all the benefits of the herbal infusion and you know exactly what’s in it.” – curlynugrowth YouTube Channel

Here’s What Yannie The Locologist Has To Say


Is Rose Water good for your locs? YES. However you probably won’t be receiving the maximum benefits of the water unless you make it yourself, which is much cheaper then buying pre-made bottles anyway.

  • Great Moisturizer
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Excellent Conditioner

How To Make Your Own Rose Water

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  1. Either find or buy pesticide-free rose petals
  2. Rinse Them Out
  3. Place in a pot with at least 2 cups of distilled water
  4. Turn heat source (stove) on low for about 20 minutes
  5. Your water should be turning the color of the petals.
  6. Use a strainer to put the rose water in a container (jar, spray bottle)



Author: Jason W.

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