Chicago Journalist, Zachary “Zack TV” Stoner Lost To Gun Violence


Zachary “Zack TV” Stoner

“Stoner was the 200th person killed in Chicago this year, according to data maintained by the Sun-Times.

Authorities say 30-year-old ZackTV, whose real name is Zack Stoner, had just left a rap concert before he was shot in the head and neck early Wednesday in the South Loop by bullets fired from another car. Stoner, of the first block of West 151st Street in Harvey, was pronounced dead at 4:20 a.m. Wednesday morning, according the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.” Evan F. Moore,

“Stoner was also known as a peacemaker, reported the Chicago Sun Times, due to his reputation for interviewing leaders of opposing gangs and organizations and seeking out opportunities to help them settle their differences. Lamarr Stoner, a cousin of Zack Stoner who lives in Chicago, told CPJ, “[Stoner] was going to different hoods, talking to rappers in places the media can’t go, filming and recording, and making sure the word got out on the street and around the world about what was going on.” In April 2018, journalist Charles Preston wrote in the Chicago Defender, “Stoner documents what others neglect,” giving “the city’s most controversial artists their first on-camera interviews and cover[ing] neighborhoods where news reporters keep their news trucks running.”” –


Author: Jason Williams

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