Prison Guards Beat Inmate, Kevin Moore, And Take His Dreadlocks As Trophies

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“George Santiago Jr., Carson Morris, and Kathy Scott of Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, New York have been charged by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York for violating Kevin Moore’s civil rights and falsifying records. Two other officers, Donald Cosman and Andrew Lowery, have also been charged with filing false reports. The indictment by Preet Bharara’s office alleges a wide conspiracy of unprovoked torture and cover-up among Downstate correctional officers at the expense of Moore, who is black.

(Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.)

Moore, 56, was only supposed to spend one night in the Downstate Correctional Facility on November 12, 2013, before being transferred to the Rikers Island facility in New York City. But when he arrived at Downstate for his one-night stay, officers allegedly tried placing him in a ward for inmates with mental health issues.


The officers then forced Moore to the ground, where the beating intensified, prosecutors allege. For minutes on end, the officers allegedly punched and kicked him, first in the head, then in the groin after his pants slipped down.

After Moore was moved from the pool of his own blood, Santiago allegedly returned to the scene to collect some of Moore’s dreadlocks, which had been ripped out. Santiago wanted them as “a trophy” to decorate his motorcycle.

Moore was hospitalized for 17 days with “many life-threatening injuries, including five fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, and facial fractures in multiple places,” and severe contusions to the back, hand, leg and foot, the feds say.

The officers did not tell Moore to stop resisting; he wasn’t resisting in the first place, the federal charges claim. But that’s not what Downstate Correctional records reflected after the incident. Immediately after the beating, officers allegedly cleaned Moore’s blood from the floor, but denied the badly bleeding man any medical treatment.”

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