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One of the younger generations rising motivational speakers, Trent Shelton, is impacting the world in a powerful way. If you have not heard at least some of his inspirational messages then you are most definitely missing out on some great motivation.

Who Is Trent Shelton?

“Trent Shelton is a former NFL wide receiver that is now considered one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. He reaches over 50 million people weekly through his various social media outlets, and also travels the world to speak his message of creating lasting change in your life. Trent and his wife Maria, live in the Fort Worth, Texas with their two children, Tristan and Maya. It’s RehabTime, let’s get it!” –

Trent Shelton Quotes

“Perfection is not being flawless, perfection is embracing those flaws so that the heart that’s meant to love you can see the real you perfectly.”
― Trent Shelton, You’re Perfect: for the Heart that’s meant to Love You

“You’ll never live up to the standards of what “everyone” wants you to be, so why fight a battle you can never win.  Instead focus on being MORE of who you’re meant to be and focus less on what THEY think you should be.  You might not see your own beauty but if you continue to conceal and hide who you are, the heart that’s for you won’t be able to find it either.”
― Trent Shelton, You’re Perfect: for the Heart that’s meant to Love You

“Those that are meant to be in your life won’t degrade you, judge you, or talk about you, because they’re too busy loving you and uplifting you. If you put your faith in fickle opinions you’ll never be good enough.  Focus on God’s truth and purpose for your life and you’ll find your perfect self”
― Trent Shelton, You’re Perfect: for the Heart that’s meant to Love You

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