Music Artist “Splurge” Interview In P.E + Vlog | Shot By @jmoney1041

Who is Splurge?

Check out this Splurge interview shot by @jmoney1041 in P.E. to find out…

This young rap/hip hop artist from Arlington, Texas has been on a WorldStar Hip Hop takeover. In a short period of time he’s managed to drop hit, after hit, after hit like its too easy. Splurge already has several videos smashing past hundreds of thousands of views and appears to have no intention on taking a break.

Top 5 Splurge Videos

“Free Granny”

“Beat By Jeff”


“Intro Part 2”



Author: Jason Williams

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2 thoughts

  1. Should Splurge’s music even be discussed in the culture section? There is very little positivity in his music, so why even mention him?

    I am upset that I actually went to listen to his music because I thought there was something profound about him since he was mentioned on this platform.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your comment. I believe whether he is negative or positive it is still part of the culture. The site is about dreadheads, and he is a dreadhead. I try to mix up the type of people on the site. Everyone is not going to like everything or everyone I share on the site. I don’t want to limit myself to only sharing people with locs that are determinedly be “acceptable”, it’s about the big picture, sharing stuff from dreadheads from all over. Does that make sense?


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