“Chef Vita”, Jamaica’s Rising Vegan Chef & Fitness Enthusiast

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Oshane Denton Warren aka “Chef Vita” is a loc’d vegan chef and fitness enthusiast based in Jamaica.

Instagram: @chef_vita__


Chef Vita’s feature with @menwithlocs

Oshane answers questions interview style from popular instagram outlet @menwithlocs.

Name: Oshane Denton Warren

Location: Jamaica

What made you decide to loc your hair?
The love of self and my pan Africanism motivation of my ancestors that were before me and with that said I grew up around a lot of Rasta man in my community as a youth growing up they have impacted my life in a very positive that made me the king I am today.

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How long have you had your locs?
I have been growing my Locs for over 4 years now and I am loving every level up my journey from the start and will never cut it off to please anyone because it’s apart of my spiritual and physical identity.

Where do you go for Loc Maintenance?
Sometimes I do it myself and if I have a date or special event coming up would then call my stylist that I trust to do my locks,

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Whats your favorite product?
Starting your loc journey is very spiritual it’s a part of you and all you need to do is be patient know the value of your self ,know the value of your crown don’t let no one take it for a joke and with that said you will experience the journey of beautiful embracement of the oneness of energy from the universe and the ancestors that were before you, so just embrace and love every level of the journey. keep your locks moisturize and wash it properly when it’s time and do not follow people Put in a lot of products in their locs keep it minimal list stick and just use oils not wax’s

What advice would you give to someone who wants to loc their hair?
Stay focus people never forget that ones that were here before we paid the price for us so we need to support and protect each other for a better future, eat healthily and stay fit, everything is going to be alright.

Interview source: https://linktr.ee/menwithlocs

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Author: Jason W.

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