Kaya Thomas, An Inspirational iOS Developer

As a black man in America who loves books, I understand the struggle of finding good black literature in popular and accessible books stores. If you’re lucky, you live in an area where culturally relevant books are easy to get to. If you’re unlucky, like myself, you have to browse online to find books good books by black authors.

This challenge is quantified in the realm of young adult and children’s books.

While creating this post I downloaded the “We Read Too” app from the iTunes Store, it was easy and free. I have 3 black children, different age groups, and this app made it so much easier to find books for them. I appreciate that.

INSO09021 Kaya Thomas

So I wish Kaya Thomas much success, I have a feeling it won’t be long before she comes out with another awesome innovation that affects so many people.

In Kaya’s own words from kayathomas.info,

Photo Source: kayathomas.info A more recent photo of Kaya with braids instead of her trademark locs.

“I’m currently a full time iOS engineer at Slack on the Messaging team working on Notifications and Accessibility. In 2017 I graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Computer Science. I started learning iOS development in 2014 and was a software engineering intern at Time Inc, Intuit and Apple.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.38.54 PM

In the summer of 2014, I launched We Read Too, a book resource app that features titles written by authors of color. We Read Too is a passion project of mine which I’m continually working on improving. Recently, I got a feature in the App Store about We Read Too and what inspired me to create it. Aside from coding, I also enjoy writing and have bylines in TechCrunch and Fusion.”

Photo Source: news.dartmouth.edu

Kaya Thomas – Tech Forum 2016 – “We Read Too”


Author: Jason W.

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