Teacher Who Pulled Students Hair Gains Support Of Students, Claims “Forceful” Resignation

A South Carolina teacher at Palmetto High School is seen in a viral video pulling the student’s hair, stepping on him, and smacking the student in an effort to wake him from his sleep.

Another example of the desensitization of violence against black people, clearly from the student recorded viral video the teacher is behaving extremely inappropriately towards her student but when other students from the class were questioned, one claimed she was “just joking around“.

I get it, a kid falling asleep in the classroom is a distraction for the classroom and a waste of valuable learning time. However, a teacher should have more effective ways of dealing with this type of situation. This is unacceptable, even if she has been teaching for a long time at the school it doesn’t mean her behavior should be excused.

In my opinion, based on the information from  the video of the incident and student reports that she jokes around like that frequently, she should have been fired. Not allowed to resign and keep her retirement benefits. I know that may seem harsh, but the reality is if that she was black and that happened to a white student she would not get the same mercy this Palmetto High School teacher received.

Why is the teacher considered the victim, and not the student?

“Palmetto High School teacher Lisa Houston resigned Thursday after cell phone video surfaced of her physically assaulting a student who dozed off in her math class, local station WSPA reported. In the clip, Houston is seen smacking the student, pulling his dreadlocks and at one point, stepping on him in an effort to rouse him from his sleep.” – atlantablackstar.com

Palmetto High School graduate Jordan Smith told WYFF News 4,

“I don’t know why she is being accused of doing anything she shouldn’t have been doing when she was just joking around….She’s never done anything to harm a student. She’s always done the best she can to help.”

If  we were to flip the script, and a black teacher was standing up on a desk pulling a white child’s hair, stepping on and smacking the student there would be a national outrage.

The part that bothers me the most is the student that was assaulted in the video nor the parent of the boy doesn’t seem to express a desire for justice.

The father of the student seen in the video told Fox Carolina that neither her nor his son ever asked for disciplinary action against Houston, adding, “I wish it would go away and that it never happened.” – atlantablackstar.com


When you see how support rallied behind the teacher assaulting the student even with a viral video exposing the truth, it’s no wonder that there are so many cases of police murdering black people on camera without more then a slap on the wrist.

This is wrong on so many levels.

It should have never happened in the first place.

The teacher should not be known for joking around with high school students in a physically abusive way.

There should not be less support for the victim then the perpetrator.

The student and his family should be doing more about the situation then just, “wishing it would go away”.


Author: Jason W.

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