Flashback: Lil Durk’s Dreads Cut In Jail

“Lil Durk sat down with VladTV and shared exactly why he cut his famous dreads, saying he got locked up an was thrown into the hole until he allowed them to cut his hair. After growing the dreads for at least 3 years, he initially resisted, but thought about the fact that he had a record deal on the table and ultimately decided he just wanted to get his time over with. He also said the fact that he would be mistaken for other criminals with dreads was a factor in the decision.” – vladtv.com

“I was mad but sh*t, I had that deal money waiting on me outside.” – Lil Durk

When I first heard of Lil Durk he had super long locs, it was a complete shock to find out his hair was cut in jail. Nonetheless he rocked the low cut for a while and I’ve noticed he is growing is hair back out again. Will he let them get as long as they were before?

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.22.19 PM


Author: Jason W.

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