Tru Dreadz Interview: Kadijsa Markham


What is your name?

My name is Kadijsa Markham

Where are you from?

From Tulsa , Oklahoma

What is one of your goals/aspirations?

Is to keep striving in modeling and to become a dental assistant one day and to continue to make my family proud.

What made you decide to loc your hair?

I decided to loc my hair because of genetic thinning, breaking, split ends i had on my hair and I want to something different and natural.

How long have you bee­n loc’d?

I’ve been locked for almost 2 years. I started September 13th 2016

What do you do for l­oc maintenance?

I use essential oils carrot oil olive oil, peppermint, spray mist

Any advice you would give to someone who w­ants locs?

Any advice on someone wanting locs I would say to definitely do your research because someone else’s hair or opinions are different from what you will experience. And to have patience with it and enjoy them.

Random Question: What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?

What do I do most in my free time: listen to music , dance , read poetry books.


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Author: Jason W.

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