Tru Dreadz Interview: Gail Williams


C360_2018-08-08-14-40-11-690.jpgWhat is your name?

Gail M Williams (instagram @she_deity_ )

Where are you from?

The Bahamas

What is one of your goals/aspirations?

To become a therapist/healer of the mind, the body and the soul. And to launch my EYELIN brand natural products.

What made you decide to loc your hair?

After 9 years of debating if I should loc my hair or not, I met someone who incourgaed me to take the leap of faith. We both agreed to loc together. That person died shortly after we made the agreement and before I got a chance to start my locs. From then I decided to loc my hair not only for me but in honour of the promise i made to someone who was very close to me

How long have you bee­n loc’d?

September 17 will make me 3 years loc’d

What do you do for l­oc maintenance?

At this time nothing. I am freeforming 9months in. Before deciding to retwist only once a year I  would only retwist my hair every 4 months. So my locs where hardly maintined

If you use products, what’s your favorite product?

The only products I use are made by me using all natural ingredients. I’ve been using them for about a year and my hair loves it. I am currently in production to make them available for all

Any advice you would give to someone who w­ants locs?

Loc it and forget it. Locing is all about patience and growth. Do not focus on length or compare your locs to anyone else’s because no hair is the same or locs at the same rate.

Random Question: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? awakening
2.a divine connection to mother earth and all animals and plants
3.a pet elephant lol

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Author: Jason W.

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