Tru Dreadz Interview: Kelvin Jerome


What is your name?

Kelvin Jerome aka kjerome33

Where are you from?

West palm beach Florida

What is one of your goals/aspirations?

My goals are to open a tire shop in the future and eventually work on the cars as well. I’d like to help people fix their car without ripping them off especially ladys

What made you decide to loc your hair?

Well I always like locs as a hairstyle but as of these past 4 years I’ve been getting a lot of knowledge about locs and it’s way more than just a hairstyle more than ever

How long have you bee­n loc’d?

Since November 14 2014( almost 4 years)

What do you do for l­oc maintenance?

Wash twice a week with selsum blue or head and shoulders. I do sage,rosemary and peppermint rinse once a month and acv rinse every three months

If you use products, what’s your favorite product?

Jamaican black castor oil

Any advice you would give to someone who w­ants locs?

Keep it simple just wash it and oil after each wash. Don’t compare growth with others everyone hair grows different and don’t worry about the small things just let it grow and keep it clean. Also good idea to document it to see growth and changes

Random Question: What is something you like to do in your spare time?

I like working on cars and helping people that want to be helped

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Author: Jason W.

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