Dreadz in the Military

Dreadz in the Military

It seems as though the tide is changing for those of us that have dreadlocks.  Even with the recent news of the young boy being denied entrance into a Florida private school because of his dreadlocks, rules turned in the favor of people with dreads working in the government.  One of those agencies that made the change is the Navy.  According to www.navytimes.com the new rules for female sailors were released on July 11, 2018 by Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral Robert Burke in NavAdmin Message 163/16.

Source: www.navytimes.com

The regulation states that approved hairstyles including dreadlocks must “present a neat and professional military appearance.”  The is a great stride for our lifestyle and I believe that even though the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against dreadlocks in the private sector, this is one of the last stands of opposition to people wearing dreadlocks.  Let’s continue support our dreadlock culture and remember that we will ultimately win in the end.  Peace.

Source: www.stripes.com

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