The Condition Of Black America: Zayloc23 “The system is already built against you. So, that’s why it’s essential to have a strong melinated family…”

In his recent video, Zayloc23 dives into a heavy topic: The Condition of Black America.

Importance of a Strong Black Family

“It begins in the household with your brothers, your sisters, your mother and your father…. your siblings, and how you all sharpen each other before you go into the world.” – zayloc23

One of the constant focuses of this video is family, and how it is crucial to have a strong family bond. Zayloc23 strongly insists that black families need to be teaching their children culture, spirituality, and history. This strong foundation gives the youth a stronger base before being exposed to the foolishness, illusions and traps of the world.

“Even though you have a strong family, just cause you have this skin it’s already against you, in America at least. The system is already built against you. So, that’s why it’s essential to have a strong melinated family…” – Zayloc23


One of the first subjects he covers is how music affects your frequency.

“Were mimicking what were being taught through music and they know us as melinated people, as African people…were connected to music, were naturally a musical people.” – Zayloc 23

He goes on to recommend listening to Reggae, Afro Beats, and  African Cultural Music instead of Trap Music. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my own mind-state when I’m listening to newer rap music, trap music, gangsta music as opposed to reggae, jazz or just more positive and creative genre in general.

When I listen to trap music I’ve noticed myself maintain a higher sense of hyper vigilance, a sense of always being ready to the point it may be destructive. When I listen to reggae for example I feel more at peace, more creative and inspired. So I definitely have to agree with Zayloc23 on that one.


Later in the video, he dives to economics. Zayloc23 talks about teaching the youth about mortgages, real estate, equity, land ownership, passive income, entrepreneurship, residual income, affiliate marketing.

He points out the fact that although the America has a track record of corruption and a lot of money making platforms may be immoral it still leaves opportunities to create income and wealth WITHOUT becoming corrupt yourself. This is how you can use the system against itself for your own benefit, and maybe even your family’s benefit too.

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Author: Jason Williams

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