6 Tips On How To Prevent Breakage & Thinning Of Your Locs From Danielle Loxs

Danielle Loxs blesses us with 6 awesome tips to that will help prevent breakage and thinning of your locs. Make sure you follow Danielle Loxs on Instagram: @ladiswagg55.

Chill On Retwising Your Roots

Some people go months without twisting their hair or don’t twist their hair at all. Give your roots a chance to breathe

Tight Hairstyles

Wearing tight hairstyles on a regular basis will make your roots thin out over time. If you feel uncomfortable after you get a hairstyle then there’s a good chance your style is too tight.

Protect Your Edges

When you retwist your locs and you pull all of your edges to the roots of the front locs it’s actually ripping them, little by little. Take it easy on the edges.


Interlocking can cause thinning, balding, breaking and also permanently damage your edges. If you notice any of these problems after you started interlocking then you should either put more time in between interlocking or stop doing it all together. I would say just stop and let your natural nappy hair breathe.

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Dry Locs

Keeping your hair moisturized at all times is a great way to prevent breakage or hair damage. A real simple way to do this is get a spray filled with water, and spray your hair a couple times before you head out the door to start your day.

Retwisting Your Roots While Your Hair Is Dry

If you are going to do any level of manipulation to your locs it’s always best to do so while it’s wet. Twisting your locs while it is dry is a recipe for breakage and damage at the roots.


Author: Jason Williams

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