Could You Survive 2 Chainz’s Haunted Trap House Or Naw?

2 chainz haunted house

Halloween is coming soon and it looks like Atlanta is ready.

The Atlanta native, Tauheed Epps also known as 2 Chainz, teams up with 13 Stories to put together the Haunted Pink Trap House.

2 Chainz collaborated with 13 Stories and started the Haunted Pink Trap House in 2017.

The temporary Georgia landmark was beloved among fans and residents alike, and ended up being so popular that it was holding up traffic on Howell Mill due to fans trying to take pictures or stopping to park in front of the house. The pink trap house ended up going back to it’s normal drab digs after Chainz’ lease was up, disappointing hip hop fans.

But now….finally….The Pink Trap House has risen from the dead almost a year later. 2 Chainz announced the return of The Pink Trap House while closing out ONE MusicFest on Sunday night, and this time it’s for the Halloween season. – global

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It was no coincidence that his highly anticipated mixtape, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, was released around the same time he opened up the Haunted Pink Trap House.

Nonetheless, definitely a smart move as an artist and as a business man.

At 2 Chainz’s Haunted Pink Trap House in Newnan, thrill-seekers can fire a fake assault rifle at “zombie crackheads” in a dark, damp trap house. But the limited-time attraction offers far more than a setting to scream and unload lead on undead junkies; it also offers a chance to give back. – Sean Keenan,

This is definitely a hood twist to traditional haunted houses for halloween.

See what celebrities like Lovely Mimi, Shekinah Jo, Daysha Taylor, Akbar V, Keri Hilson, Lil Donald and Phaedra Parks have to say about the Haunted Pink Trap House

What’s Inside The Haunted Pink Trap House?

If you’re wondering what it’s like inside of the haunted house, here’s some details:

The three-stage haunt, the result of a partnership between the haunted house experts of 13 Stories and 2 Chainz’ management team Street Execs Studios, takes attendees through what at first seems like a run-of-the-mill horror show, replete with disorienting bursts of pressurized air, aggressive animatronic ghouls, and blood-curdling shrieks. (Spoiler alert, for those who don’t what to know what happens next.) But then comes the crack cocaine cook site, a dingy kitchen full of pots and pans encrusted with the white cake of illegal street drugs—not to mention mad scientist types covered in blood.

The whole ordeal is complemented by injections of trap music, which, at times, is drowned out by live actors uttering daunting promises of death. The second phase of the adventure, dubbed the “Apocalypse Zombie Kill Experience,” yields visitors a full-metal toy gun, which comes loaded with 150 [imaginary] bullets.

Soon after clearing the trap kitchen and picking up the heavy gun, a horde of live “zombie crackheads,” as Allyn Glover, owner of 13 Stories, describes it, stalks after visitors and accosts them at every turn. Assuming attendees make it out alive—these zombies take more than a single headshot to put down—they’re then thrust into pure paranoia, cast as undercover cops in a hostile drug den.

Inside a dimly lit room, an abundance of “cocaine” decorates a table in a snowy smattering. Bricks of white powder wrapped in plastic are stacked against the wall. A purported drug dealer, barking orders after outing visitors as narcs, forces them to face the wall while he wraps a blindfold around their eyes. In pure blackness, the “cops” are sent off to wade through a sea of pokes, prods, and electric shocks—really—from, presumably, “trap stars” (actors, of course), weaving though skinny corridors leading to, hopefully, the exit. – Sean Keenan,

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The Haunted Pink Trap House is open October 25, October 26 through November 4, and November 9-11 at 320 Temple Avenue in Newnan.

Wednesday through Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased in advance here.


Author: Jason Williams

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