Sacramento Rapper Mozzy Says His Dreads Symbolize A ‘Beautiful Struggle’

Timothy “Mozzy” Patterson is a West Coast Emcee that has earned his crown not only as a major contributor to Bay Area Hip-Hop culture, but as a Freeform Loc Legend.

Last year in a Dj Smallz interview Mozzy says his dreads symbolize a ‘beautiful struggle’ because he started his locs while he was in jail.

Want to grow dreadlocks like Mozzy?

Well the answer is easier then you thought I bet. Mozzy has what would some people refer to as semi-freeform locs. This means he basically let’s his hair “do what it do”.

Based off of photos I found showing Mozzy’s locs in earlier stages it looks like he may have started off his loc journey with twists. It’s unclear to me whether he used any products or not but it definitely looks like there was some manipulation stages.

mozzy cover2.jpg

However, after this stage it does look like he’s left them alone for the most part. You will start to see the base of locs get thicker because the smaller locs have combined to make thicker ones. More then likely, without the twisting Mozzy’s locs combined naturally and he decided which ones he wanted to separate and which ones he wanted to leave alone.

Sometimes people use rubberbands or string to combine the loose locs that split off from thicker bases. I’m not sure if this is something Mozzy has done or not, if you have the answer please leave it in the comment section.

His locs have definitely reached the mature stage as they swing past his shoulders. With such a thick foundation in the roots of his locs he won’t have to worry about any locs falling out as they get heavier.┬áCan’t wait to see how his locs mature more over the years to come!