Nick Odhiambo’s HIV Scare Led To Cutting Off 7 Year Old Dreadlocks


Radio personality, voice-over artist, and actor Nick Odhiambo recently revealed the reason why he decided to cut his 7 year old dreadlocks.

Kalekye Mumo of K24’s Talk Central was able to get Nick open up about the big chop.

Nick says he almost contracted HIV/AIDS after finding out that a woman he was ‘messing’ around with was HIV/AIDS positive.

“I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said ‘God to give me another chance I will never let you down. Let me change my life,” said Nick.

“I decided to cut off my dreads because it was October the cancer awareness month, I had changed jobs and some things had happened in my life and I decided to change everything. In 2017 something happened in my life and I said ‘Dear God I will not do this again,” Nick shared.

He goes on to say, “Everything just started happening, I changed houses, changed girlfriends, the only thing I had remained was the job and the look. So I got a job at a Swahili station and as things were going on I just had to get rid of the look. That’s how the look changed,”.

Author: Jason Williams

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