BBC News – First Americans Had ‘Negroid Features’, Here Before Native Americans & Europeans

Basically, in this BBC News documentary scientists are claiming that archeological evidence shows that there was or is a race of people with “Negroid Features” living in what we now call the Americas long before the Native Americans.

They even go as far to suggest “there may be” descendants of these people living among us today. How come these people aren’t mentioned at all in our American history? How does this information affect how we analyze the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? Is it possible that many, maybe even most, of the melinated slaves you hear about in American history actually already lived in the Americas?

There are two different skull structures found in Americas ancient history, that of the so-called Native American with a mongoloid skull structure and a mystery people with a negroid skull structure.

Photo Source: Softpedia News – Luzia’s skull and the reconstituted face

Who are these mysterious people? If the so-called American blacks came from Africa then who are the aborigines? Why does popular history only reflect the so-called Indians with mongoloid features, African slaves and European colonizers living in America? Why has America not acknowledged these mystery people with negroid features and why has America not made every attempt to preserve these aborigines from extinction as done with the so-called “Native Americans” we hear about today?

This amazing hour long documentary doesn’t have all of the answers, but it should spark some curiosity about who the indigenous people to the Americas with negroid features are, why this information is a secret, and the possibility that many so called African Americans are descendants of these aborigines and not from slave ships.

Author: Jason Williams

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