This Is The Worst Thing You Could Ever Do To Your Locs…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo/REX/Shutterstock (9468887c) Lil Wayne Lil Wayne Young Money Merch Launch, Miami, USA – 16 Mar 2018

Since I’ve started this site and my YouTube Channel I’ve gotten more and more people ask me questions about locs, or dreadlocks (however you want to say it). One of the main questions is, “what are things I shouldn’t do to my hair?”. That in itself is a tricky question because it’s relative. It depends on what YOU want to do and how YOU want to look. I think the important part is HOW you plan on going about it.

Well after hundreds of comments and questions I’ve been able to narrow down all of the input from you all to one primary problem that seems to plague the mind of every new dreadhead. So here we go..


Sometimes it’s easier for me to use metaphors to explain things. The human body (including hair) operates to its maximum efficiency when it’s in its natural state. Anything that is not natural that you introduce to the body will in one way shape or form affect it’s ability to perform to the highest degree.

Think of a plant. It needs sun, water, nutrients and love just like humans. What do you do when you want a plant to grow faster? Do you rub some unnatural grease (that does not get absorbed) all up and down the stem and leaves? Do you put wax on the plant and twist it to make it grow faster? So why would you think it would work on your hair?

When you introduce foreign substances to your hair you alter the natural process and development. That’s why almost everyone I know of who has hair growth and thickness problems is using foreign substances in their hair on a regular basis. To make matters worse, most people who use unnatural products in their use so much that it actually suffocates the hair. Locs are already matted close together, adding those extra chemicals remove the little bit of breathing room available. So then you’ll start noticing extra build up and residue, as well as an uncomfortable extra weight to your hair.

Here’s another thing, just because the label on the product looks natural and it might emphasize some key words that add a natural appeal, doesn’t mean it’s natural. Either use extreme awareness to investigate the oils and soaps you use or make your own. That’s the only safe way.

The moral of the story is, treat your hair the same way you would treat a plant or tree. Give it everything it needs to grow and keep it safe from everything that would deter the growth process. DO NOT TRY USE CHEMICALS TO REPLACE PATIENCE. If you want locs you will have to wait and enjoy the ride. Don’t rush it, or I guarantee you will regret it.