If We Protested Injustice & Racism The Way We Did Kodak Black For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle’s Family We’d Be Free…

In the aftermath of the passing of Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka “Nipsey Hussle”, Kodak Black took it upon himself to insult Nipsey’s grieving long time girlfriend Lauren London by saying he would “be the best man” he could be to London. It doesn’t end there, he continues saying “I’ll give her a whole year [to mourn]…..She might need a whole year to be crying and shit for him.”

Family, friends and fans of Nipsey Hussle are not taking kindly to Kodak’s remarks.

L.A.’s Power 106 will no longer play Kodak Black’s music on the radio station. 

T.I. removed Kodak Black’s contributions to his Trap Museum in Atlanta.

Allegedly Kodak’s music streams have went down over 700% costing him millions of dollars, all from people refusing to listen to his music since his comments against Lauren London.

So here’s my point. If in one week, people (I’m assuming mostly black) can boycott Kodak’s music to the point it could ruin his career if it continues, then why can’t we do this in other instances? I mean there was no national meeting. No national announcement. No mass global email. Still, everyone is coming together for a common cause. I’m glad that Kodak Black is facing repercussions for his disrespectful comments against Lauren London. However it is disappointing that we can do this against another black man, but we can not boycott openly racist companies (Gucci, Versace, etc.) that sell us overpriced luxury items then turn around and publicly disgrace their number one customers.

We need to harness this ability to affect who “wins or loses” in other constructive areas, besides protesting Kodak Black. We could use this collective power to demand reparations, to demand gainful employment, to demand more business loans for black start ups, to demand justice for all who haven’t received it. Obviously we have it within us to do this, it’s a matter of directing our efforts towards freedom and liberation, not just because we’re mad at a naturally disrespectful person for being disrespectful.

Author: Jason Williams

I'm a multi-dimensional light being manifested on earth as a melanated man desperately searching for the tools necessary for full self-realization of the God within me. You can support the movement and the website @ patreon.com/trudreadz. Your support helps grow the website, support the creator, and bring future ideas into reality. Thank you in advance. Stay up, Stay loc'd, Stay tru. Peace.

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