Two Rape Survivors Find Healing And Recovery Through Dancing

Two black women, Kemi and Mojo, are victims of brutal sexual abuse. It has not been an easy road to finding healing for them, but it looks like dance has played a major role towards a positive transition to peace.

“Kemi and Mojo are two women who want to take back control of their bodies after their sexuality was stolen from them. They’ve joined one of the “UK’s first plus-size dance classes” to build their confidence and learn to love themselves as they are. Both women have waived their right to anonymity to talk about their experiences of being raped in the hope of encouraging others to speak out.”

BBC News – Samantha Everett

As a man, I find it very difficult to imagine the level of psychological trauma associated with rape. For me to say “I understand” would just not be true. I would like to understand, so I can help be apart of the solution for women I come across who are dealing with sexual abuse, but as of this moment I do not fully “understand” the pain.

With that being said, I do understand other levels of pain and trauma and I how I deal with it. I must admit my way of ‘handling’ traumatic issues hasn’t always been constructive. Using mind altering substances to erase or dull the pain seemed like common sense at one point in time. Now that I am older and more mature I understand that there are much more constructive ways of dealing with pain and trauma than constant substance abuse.

I don’t know the whole story behind the two ladies in the video speaking about their experiences, but I do know that they are courageous. I say this because the type of trauma they’ve experienced is enough to make plenty of people commit suicide, or at least end up in a mental institution for life. These ladies have found a way to overcome their sexual abuse through dancing, and I find that much more constructive then many other alternatives. Im sure there will always be scars from the experience, but it’s great to see these awesome two ladies fight their fears, pain and insecurities and become role models for other ladies looking for healing from sexual traumas and abuse.

Author: Jason Williams

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