April 27, 2019

America Loves Black ‘Culture’, Not Black People

America loves stealing ‘black culture’, re-naming it as their own, then turn around and try to exterminate the same black people they desperately wanted to imitate.

Everyone wants to be “with the sh*ts” now.

The whole world loves (or is influenced by) hip-hop and rap music. Everyone seems to adopt the swag, the slang and the “cool” elements of the culture. Women want a booty comparable to a healthy melanated woman’s. Men want to appear ultra-masculine and be received as alpha males, like the healthy melanated man. Most people who don’t have brown skin are killing themselves in tanning salons trying to get it. Nobody wants to be lame, they want to have rhythm, like the melanated man and woman.

Everybody wants to:

  • Ball like Michael Jordan.
  • Have confidence like Muhammad Ali.
  • Invent like George Washington Carver.
  • Fight like Mike Tyson.
  • Act/Dress like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.
  • Preach like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.
  • Run like Usain Bolt.
  • Sing like Aretha Franklin.
  • Smoke big backwoods like Mac Dre & G Herbo.
  • Play football like Barry Sanders & Walter Payton.
  • Be a gymnast like Simon Biles.
  • Cook like Big Momma.
  • Have a full set of natural, healthy locs like Bob Marley.
  • Play soccer like Pele’.
  • Build like ancient Egyptians (Africans).
  • Dance like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.
  • Dominate Tennis like Venus and Serena.
  • Live that thug life like Tupac.

Black people, even after hundreds of years under violent oppression and systematic racism in America, have still given the world a standard to aspire to. America has gotten EVERYTHING of significance it has because of the labor, skills, genius, swag, dedication, ingenuity and divine intervention of black people.

Yet, black people are murdered without consequence everyday in America, are the prime targets of imprisonment and convictions, are accused of contributing nothing of significant value to planet earth, are still treated as less than a human being by a government that proudly proclaims to stand for “justice for all”.

Black culture is portrayed as undesirable and primitive although most non-black people actually prefer to follow, idolize, and imitate the works of a black man or black woman over their own culture (consciously or unconsciously).

America hates black people, but wants to be like us at the same time. What a strange predicament….