Broward County promises “tactful” investigation of police assault on 15 year old black teen

Once again, video evidence proves police officers violently assaulted a black teenager, but in America evidence means nothing if you are white and have “authority”.

“Any time a white deputy is involved in contact with using force on a black youth, this thing blows up.”

Gregory Tony, Broward Sheriff

Of course it would blow up. Black people, including black teenagers have been the victims of racism and brutality at the hands of the police departments around America. There’s been a restless feeling amongst the African American community for over 400 years, “blowing up” about white people brutalizing black people is nothing new.

As barbaric and vicious these attacks are, I don’t think black people should be surprised. In fact, if you are surprised by the demonic behaviors of police then it’s possible you may have a misunderstanding on where you are, and how the system of white supremacy operates. If you understand that, then you would know that the police will never stop the violence against melanated people by choice. As long as the system of white supremacy is in place, the police will protect that system by any means necessary, it’s their job. This means black cops too.

This brings us to Sheriff Gregory Tony. It’s no accident or coincidence that after two white police obviously used excessive force, violently assaulted a teenager, that the ‘newly appointed’ first black sheriff urges angry citizens of Broward County to relax and allow all the necessary paper work to get filed.

Why is it that white police officers have the authority to violently attack or murder anyone they see fit and are still allowed a grace period to “look at the facts”. Meanwhile every black man or woman (or black teenager) in America is immediately deemed worthy of abuse, criminal confinement, or death. The answer is because we live in a system of white supremacy where black lives do not matter, and they never will.

That is until we get rid of the foolish ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ campaign and orchestrate a much more effective strategy that police and other law enforcement officers will have to respect. In order to effectively communicate, two or more people must use a common language. Well, the police do not understand peace or justice, so we must use a language that we know they understand.

Author: Jason Williams

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