Scientists discover melanin can ‘help diagnose tumors and slow their growth’

The dark, light-absorbing, transmutable substance which is found in all living things and most people can be manipulated to potentially cure cancer and slow tumor growths in people without melanin.

“The pigment melanin is a natural defense against skin cancer – and now it could help fight other cancers too. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum München have found that melanin-loaded nanoparticles can help diagnose tumors and slow their growth.”

Michael Irving,

Anyone who’s ever read Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington is well aware of the long, documented, and brutal history of Caucasian experimentation on black people in America. It hasn’t stopped, but rather, evolved.

Sure, anything that aids in medical treatment and adds life is of constructive value. However, I’m always suspicious of these scientists and their true agendas. Thing’s aren’t always as they seem.

Even up to today, scientists (mostly white), are receiving massive financial support to experiment with melanin. So if we know that the dark substance, melanin, is found in all living things but out of all living things it is significantly lowest in people classified as “white”, then those scientists doing the experiments on melanin MUST be getting it from somewhere besides themselves.

It’s logical to assume melanin already helps slow tumor growth, in people who have it naturally. This is only a new development for people who are melanin deficient, and have not enjoyed the medical benefits of such a powerful and universal substance.

There’s no evidence to suggest that we should expect anything less then evil or sinister when it comes to predominantly (if not all) white scientists, being funded by historically white (suspected racist) organizations, experimenting on the one substance in the known universe white people have never completely dominated or understood.

From what I’ve discovered, at least part of the plan is to manipulate melanin to create advanced melanin-infused implants (like super bionic limbs) and robots (like the terminator).

Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but when these mega research facilities who are funded and operated by known white supremacists team up with the government (who has a horrible track record of failing to produce justice and peace for anyone in the known universe) and create military grade robotics out of the melanin substance found in brown skinned people around the planet, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

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