Deep: “You are the servant of your higher self until you become your higher self..”

KRS-One drops priceless jewels in this video. In this extraordinary 30 minute video clip the legendary emcee and Hip Hop Icon breaks down some heavy sciences.

KRS-One talks about the origin of “God”, how to discover your higher self, the power of perception, the royalty of women, major religions, slavery and oppression, the African origin of spirituality, and more. It’s hard to believe anyone could teach that many heavy topics in a 30 minute clip but KRS-One does an awesome job, he’s a definitely a master teacher. I’d recommend watching to the end, you’re not going to want to a miss a second of this clip.

Author: Jason Williams

I'm a multi-dimensional light being manifested on earth as a melanated man desperately searching for the tools necessary for full self-realization of the God within me. You can support the movement and the website @ Your support helps grow the website, support the creator, and bring future ideas into reality. Thank you in advance. Stay up, Stay loc'd, Stay tru. Peace.

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