Black Women Across America Return To African Spirituality, Leaving Churches Behind To Practice ‘Witchcraft’

Black people in America, and abroad, are taking claim to their African spiritual practices that were lost in chattel slavery and colonization.

The reporter’s implication in the video that “normal” people practice religion in a church, worshipping Jesus, and that these black women are some sort of lost and confused rogue spiritualists is insulting.

Long before there was a “Jesus”, there was black people engaging in spiritual practices: interacting with spirits, manipulating elements, and performing what the modern Eurocentric minded world calls ‘witchcraft’.

In fact, when you go into the history the story lines for the Bible are based on ancient african mythology and astrological allegories.

We used to create Gods, not worship them. When you read other books besides the Bible, you’ll realize that we are more powerful then we give ourselves credit.

We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the universe called Melanin aka carbon. We are biologically predispositioned to consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will.

Religions are meant to control our mind, not free it. History will prove that.

We are Gods, but a lot of us won’t realize it because religions have traumatized it into us that we should be humble, meek, and into complete submission to something outside our own consciousness. I’m glad these ladies have taken their spirituality into their own hands instead of letting “Jesus” take the wheel.