Melanin Magic: Our ‘blackness’ is not just a color, it’s a frequency!

One major component of accessing the “god frequency” is melanin. It can take various forms and is found in all living things.

“Black is not a color, it’s a frequency. It’s the God Frequency, that’s what it is.”

Brother Keston

One perceptible form of melanin in humans is in skin pigmentation, it’s understood that skin pigmentation could be used to estimate levels of melanin within the body (although it is possible to have a low level of melanin in the skin and high levels of melanin in organs and the nervous system).

The Pineal Gland is responsible for secreting Melanin, which in turn regulates all glands and functions within the body. Melanin is literally the “the first step of life” in humans after the “sperm and egg have united and begun to take form.” (Bynum, 1948. Dark Light Consciousness.) Traditionally, the darker the skin pigmentation, the higher amount of Melanin within the body.

Melanin is a dominant substance.

“…Your hair curls, think about anything that conducts electricity it curls…..that is the God within you.”

Brother Keston

Melanin is what makes people “black”, or more accurately, various shades of brown. The majority of human beings on planet earth have sufficient levels of melanin, and by “sufficient” I mean capable of being classified as “non-white”.

Whereas someone classified as “white” is melanin deficient, this is why people that classify themselves as white can not be exposed to the sun for extended periods of time without discomfort and eventually a “sun burn”.

Without the melanin in the skin to absorb the rays from the sun, the skin becomes vulnerable to burns, cancers, and rapidly destabilizes. Hence why it’s often said “black don’t crack”. Often you will hear people who classify themselves as white say something like “white people don’t age well, not like black people”.

So since a majority of people all around the planet earth have sufficient levels of melanin, and all human life comes from melanin rich, dark skinned people, then it would only be logical to assume that the standard archetype for a human being on planet earth would include high levels of melanin.

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