Dreadlocks Are Spiritual Antennas That Give Black People “Super Powers”

First let’s start with some definitions:

We need to define “Dreadlocks/Locs“. We need to define “Spiritual Antennas“. We need to define “Black People“. Finally, we need to define “Super Powers“.

  1. Dreadlocks or locs is matted hair, usually separated by hand as to make individual “ropes” of knotted hair.
  2. Spiritual Antennas are essentially receptors of cosmic information, that aid in the guidance of understanding and accessing realms or dimensions beyond the one we are in now. Like a car radio picks up signals from a local station, spiritual antennas pick up local energies or entities.
  3. Black people can be defined as the “original human” archetype, meaning all “non-black” so-called races all can be traced to people with dark skinned, heavily-melanated, “kinky” or afro-textured hair. Humanity began in Africa, with melanin-rich people. The human family IS a black family. The origin of humanity is “black”. So as far as I can see, the closer you are to the original human archetype the “blacker” you are.
  4. Super powers can be defined as the ability to consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will. Being able to intentionally amplify your own energy to an extremely high vibration.

So when you put all these definitions you should see where I’m going with this. Since black people are the archetype of humanity then it’s only logical to presume that people that are classified as “black” have a cosmic advantage over melanated deficient people, being of the original archetype. Just as every natural thing on planet earth is a divine reflection of the cosmic expression, the original human is no exception.

When the archetype of the original human is in his or her natural state, then divine alignment occurs. Something as simple as having ‘natural hair’ could significantly increase the chances for this alignment. Everything that happens naturally has a purpose arranged by universal harmony or as some would say, “God”. If you’ve followed this blog long enough you’d know I refer to our collective consciousness as the force or essence that created and expands the universe, aka God.

Our hair naturally makes dreadlocks, or locs. If we kept our hair clean, and nourished it with natural life bringing ingredients and did not comb or brush it, it will begin to lock.

Does anything in nature NEED an instrument to re-arrange it or does everything have a natural equilibrium that figures itself out, eventually?

I’ve come to the understanding that our hair truly can operate as “spiritual antennas” if we actually use it that way. The coiled hair on black people is a reflection of the magnetic energy spirals that come from the center of the earth. The same as a snake, curled around a tree. The same as those shells on the beach with a perfectly proportioned spiral. The same as waves forming barrels close to beach shores. Our anatomy is aligned with the planet itself.

So by growing locs, if you’re already on a spiritual journey, you can greatly enhance your own energy field and personal powers by utilizing your spiritual antennas to enhance your ability to send and receive cosmic frequencies.

You still have to do the work and get the knowledge and the mindset, but once you have that, locs can help you tap into energies you never knew existed…