Good Question: Should African Americans Be Allowed Citizenship In Africa?

Although historians have uncovered a rich African history in America before The Atlantic Slave Trade, millions upon millions of Africans were brought to America by European colonizers in chains. Most Africans in America did not choose to be here. Does this mean that Black Americans should be allowed citizenship in Africa?

I’m a Black American, one day I’d like to go to Africa while I still have my youth. What if I go there, and realize that I don’t want to go back to America, would there be a country in Africa to except me?

Even more importantly, is there a particular country, county, or tribe I should be looking for? Or would any place in Africa work for me?

I have so many questions.

Is it too ‘American’ of me to force myself into an African community and make my home?

Here’s the issue. Millions of Black Americans, who are so-called citizens of America do not get the typical benefits of a citizen. Acquiring benefits like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for Black Americans is like chasing the carrot on a stick.

It would seem better for to us go “home” where our forefathers came from but it’s not as easy it seems. I realize that although Africa is in my DNA I have American customs, habits, and perceptions.

No matter how much African music I listen to, or African clothes I wear, or documentaries I watch about Africa, or books I read about Africa, I would stand out like a sore thumb amongst native Africans. I am colonized.

With that being said, even allowing me into an African community could be just as bad as allowing a white man in. I would bring my American customs with me and that could be a major problem for a community that thrives just fine without my American values.

So perhaps the solution is some sort of ‘boot camp’ for Black Americans to destroy the colonized mind and rehabilitate the African in our DNA. That way, after 3 – 6 months of learning and practicing African customs from native Africans we won’t be a threat to the traditions of African countries and communities. It would be an easier transition for us, and for the natives.

To answer the question, I believe African Americans SHOULD be allowed citizenship in Africa, but ONLY after some sort of decolonization program arranged by native Africans is completed.