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I’m super excited to introduce a new feature of! You can now set up a personalized account and spark a conversation with others around the world.

As outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sensor truth from black people around the world I found it necessary to start building a platform for us. One where we can speak truth and share information without being censored by a racist white supremacist organization.

Why should we continue to use platforms that don’t respect our divine human right to express ourselves as we see necessary?

Inspired by the constant issues I face with popular social platforms and the ban of Louis Farrakhan, I created a space for us to gather.

You can add text and photos, as well as like other’s posts at this time.

In the very near future, as more people begin to use this platform to chat, I will be adding more features such as adding videos and instant messaging.

If the launch of this service is successful then I will upgrade the “chat” feature into a complete a social media platform with all of the modern convinces of other platforms.

Register Today For FREE!

Let’s spark some meaningful conversations, and build a community of like minded individuals! Peace!

Author: Jason Williams

I'm a multi-dimensional light being manifested on earth as a melanated man desperately searching for the tools necessary for full self-realization of the God within me. You can support the movement and the website @ Your support helps grow the website, support the creator, and bring future ideas into reality. Thank you in advance. Stay up, Stay loc'd, Stay tru. Peace.

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