The Genocide of Black America Is Happening In Your Face. What Will You Do About It?

If you would put down your phone for one damn minute, turn off your TV and video games, and pay close attention to what’s going on you will see the extermination of Black America happening right in front of your eyes.

They can’t kill all the black people in the world, that’s impossible. In America black people are isolated and separated from the rest of the black world, it’s possible if things don’t change we could become an endangered species, maybe even extinct.

This is not a joke, or anything to laugh at. I feel the pain of my own personal suffering, and that of an entire nation of people who face the same if not worse realties than me.

I may not have the “respectable accolades” which grant me some mysterious authority on social and cultural issues but I have the most important accolade necessary for this message, a human soul.

I see what is happening. America has created the social, political, and economic conditions for black people in America to not only destroy ourselves, but to encourage the rest of the planet to view our lives not worthy of being valued or saved.

That’s why even after 400 years of being under the worst forms of oppression the planet earth has ever seen, the United Nations has not stepped in to stop the crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Africans and Aborigines in America.

The world has turned its back to our suffering.

America has NEVER changed the way it’s treated people classified as “non-white”. The only thing that has changed is the structure of the illusion. Instead of millions of black people slaving on a plantation for a wealthy white man on the porch, millions of black people are slaving at “jobs” where we do the manual labor and wealthy white men reap the benefits.

By the way, just because the system of white supremacy has turned on it’s own people because it is so ravenous and greedy and white people now suffer more then they ever have, doesn’t change the reality that in America the poorest white man still is made to feel more important or worthy of respect then the wealthiest black man.

As long as we BELIEVE things are different, then the white supremacists that are and have been controlling the faculties of this society will continue their agenda without rebellion from the people they aim to dominate.

  • Chattel Slavery has transformed into the Prison Industrial Complex. Human beings, predominantly people of color, are permanently labeled as “criminals” for breaking unjust laws made by an unjust government. White people have not paid for the rape, robbery, and murder of indigenous people and land around the planet earth. Meanwhile, Tyrone and Malik get 10 years of in prison and are forced to provide free labor because they stole a car or robbed a liquor store.
  • Outspoken Racism has transformed into a more subtle, less detectable, but equally if not more effective “silent” racism. You have to read between the lines, words are used as curtains to hide the truth. In general: “American” equals “White”, “Criminal” equals “Black”, “Terrorist” equals “Non-white”, “Wealthy” or “Authority” equals “White”, “Poor” or “Unemployed” equals “Black”, “Civil Protest” equals “White”, “Riot” equals “Black”, “Safe” equals “White”, “Unsafe” equals “Black”. Not only words, but visual as well. Everything from movies to videos games portray the white male or female as the superior and the black male or female as the inferior. This is a form psychological warfare.
  • Black people are MURDERED by Police on a daily basis for minor offenses if there is any offense at all, while White people are allowed the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to explain themselves and defend themselves. How can world leaders and global organizations continue to do business with a government that has an extensive record of exterminating human life by the millions and has destroyed our planet in less than 500 years? The killing of Black Americans by police is the new “lynching”.
  • Just as the Germans “created” the ghettoes for Jews, America has “created” the ghettoes for black Americans. Human life, like all other living things, are dramatically affected by their environment. If you want to exterminate a population it helps to create and maintain and environment that discourages life, health, education, peace, dignity, high morals, and self respect. Ghettoes across America are “created” and maintained so that we can kill ourselves and each other all while staying out the way of mainstream society.
  • Token Black people and organizations are chosen and allowed “American success” to distort the reality of genocide facing the masses of black people in America. All of your famous celebrities, rappers, actors, politicians, etc. that are paraded as the epitome of “American Success” are used as to disregard the pleas and cries of millions of black Americans that are victimized daily by the system of white supremacy excuted by the American government.
  • Black on Black on crime is almost as dangerous as the system of white supremacy. We kill each other for the smallest infraction while the real enemies of the black community go unscathed. There has always been a degree of “tribalism” amongst black people, even before the arrival of the “pale face”. However, since the white man has shown up and activated his divide and conquer techniques on the entire planet black on black crime has skyrocketed. Especially in America, during slavery we were programmed to hate ourselves, and each other. We don’t value each other anymore, this makes it much easier to kill each other.

We have heard the reports and read the studies proving these things.

We live in this reality everyday and see what is happening.

We have watched the videos of us being murdered daily. Some say, “Well watching negative imagery creates more of the same situation.” I say, ignoring the reality of genocide because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient is a sure way to wake up one morning and realize you are the only one of your kind left.

We know about the brutal and demonic medical experiments performed on black people over the last few hundred years which gave America the data and research necessary to become a world wide leader in health care.

We know about the court cases in which “justice” is not being served.

We know the history of our fathers and our mothers.

We know we were not slaves, but a righteous people living in a righteous way, until we were mislead into the hands of white people and forced to choose between absolute domination byway of slavery, or death.

We know the history and the violent track record of America, and the people in charge of it. America still has not paid for it’s crimes against humanity. Honestly, I don’t think America feels guilty even though black people are still lynched and tortured, everyday. I hear lip service, I don’t see tears or action following those tears. Just a bunch of meaningless, “I’m sorry’s”.

We know about the active plan to socially engineer our men into being feminine and our women into being masculine. Confusing gender roles in all areas of activity.

We know black on black crime is a real problem that is encouraged by the system of white supremacy with the hopes we might kill each other so they don’t have to spend money or effort doing it.

We know that more black children are aborted every year than any other racial category. This is not an accident, as abortion clinics are intentionally placed in black neighborhoods all across America.

We know the government and even the president of the United States laughs and scoffs at our genocide. There’s even money to build a giant wall to keep latinos out of America but not one dollar to repair 400 years of slavery and brutality against the Africans and Indigenous people in America.

09 Aug 1930, Marion, Indiana, USA — After being accused of murdering Claude Deeter, 23 and assaulting his girlfriend Mary Ball, 19 two young African-American men are taken from the Grand County Jail and lynched in the public square. Photographed by Lawrence Beitler. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

We know civil authorities are not out to protect and serve black people, they want to kill us. Since the beginning they were slave catchers, not honorable civil authorities. Now they are jacked up, human terminators slithering through neighborhoods looking for opportunities to kill us and get away with it.

We know that our ancient fathers and mothers discovered the mysteries of humanity, of sciences, and of the Universe. Yet, in school white people are regarded as the founders of civilization and the authors of all that is wise and true.

We know that those discoveries have been hidden, stolen, re-established by colonizers as their own. Our culture, our land, our discoveries, our sciences have all been stolen from us.

We know that America taught us in school that we were nothing but “African booty scratchers” that should be thankful that the almighty white man appeared to “civilize” us.

We see our youth are in paralyzing pain because we have been abandoned by humanity so all that’s left is to douse the pain of genocide with drugs and mind altering substances. We are a lost people.

We know we should be allowed to live and thrive in peace and abundance on planet earth but cannot find it anywhere.

We know if we don’t do something, we will all die or be put back in physical slavery once again under the hand of white supremacy.

Like I said earlier, they can’t kill all the black people in the world, that’s impossible. In America black people are isolated and separated from the rest of the black world, it’s possible if things don’t change we could become an endangered species, maybe even extinct.

White people in America will no longer be the majority in America because of negative birth rates and race mixing but Black people in America are at risk of becoming extinct due to genocide. Our lives our under attack every day, in every way. We’re being murdered, poisoned and being socially engineered to kill ourselves.

Malcolm X addresses a rally in Harlem in New York City on June 29, 1963.