Did Young Pharaoh Really “Expose” The Nation Of Islam?

Young Pharaoh has been on a rampage “exposing” one so-called black leader or organization after the next. Is his documentary about the Nation of Islam actual factuals or is he just blowing smoke for clout and plays?

I must admit that I enjoy his mixtapes and I use to enjoy the videos he made spreading knowledge about all kinds of subjects, I guess I still enjoy those old videos. It does seem that lately he’s drifted from the path of spreading knowledge to “exposing” black people that are regarded as leaders or peoples of interest.

I understand that there are many people out here faking the funk that deserve to be exposed and in that case Young Pharaoh is doing a considerable job. However, how many “black leaders” or “black organizations” are worthy of being praised rather than destroyed in the eyes of Young Pharoah?

Let’s get this straight, Young Pharaoh is more then entitled to speak his mind and express whatever he wants to about anyone he wants to. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of people (even black people) skip doing actual research to be force fed ideas and information from someone who took the time to organize it. Young Pharaoh does his research I’m sure of it, I’m not convinced his “followers” share the same dedication to study and investigation. Having such a huge following that may or may not do their own independent research could be catastrophic.

So as far as the Nation of Islam goes, I recently did an article explaining how I think Black America can benefit from using Elijah Muhammad’s “Message to the Black Man in America” as a blueprint for liberation from the system of white supremacy. Basically, taking the useful parts of the program that rehabilitate and unite Black America and leaving the rest behind. I agree with Young Pharaoh to a degree as it pertains to the Nation of Islam not being as “honorable” as it is perceived to be. Malcolm X did in fact tell us all of this before his transition into the spirit realm. At the same time millions upon millions of black men and women have been “rehabilitated” by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, far more success than any other black organization has been able to accomplish. It is a complicated matter for sure.

If you wan’t to know EVERYTHING Young Pharaoh talks about as far as “exposing” the Nation of Islam then I would suggest taking 2 1/2 hours out of your day to watch it yourself.

Here are SOME of the points he claims in his documentary:

  • The initial founder of the “all black” Nation of Islam, W.F. Muhammad, was in fact a white man.
  • The Nation of Islam may not have finished the job, but they did in fact try several times to kill Malcolm X.
  • Elijah Muhammad impregnated several underage girls and abandoned them, even after admitting he was the father of their children.
  • The Nation of Islam brutalized more black people within the organization more than the “white devil” outside of the organization.
  • Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, even Malcolm X (quoting the teachings of Elijah Muhammad) at one time taught that “kinky hair” and “wide noses” are a curse from God.
  • Elijah Muhammad never sought to connect with Africa although he had the finances and political strength to do so.

Like I said, if you want the full story, watch the video.

Also, even with all of these things coming to light I still think there are elements of the Nation of Islam worth preserving and restructuring to form a new program or organization that can empower, employ, and unite Black America.

I think it’s good that Young Pharaoh brought up these points that absolutely need to be discussed and considered before associating with an organization like the Nation of Islam. I personally believe that the Nation of Islam could have been and could be an excellent organization for the rehabilitation and unifying of Black Men and Women in America if there was some honesty, admittance to past mistakes, and a sincere willingness to move forward in righteousness.

Say Young Pharaoh is right about the people and organizations he “exposes”, that leaves millions of Black Americans on ground zero with absolutely no foundation, organizations, or leaders to help rebuild us to glory and fight against the system of white supremacy.

Malcolm X not only tore down the fake and phony so-called leaders of his day, he helped build an empire that would be an alternative to unproductive teachings spewed by “uncle toms” and “house negroes”.

If the Nation of Islam is not good for black people, what is a constructive alternative for unity, empowerment, and rehabilitation for the Black man and woman in America?