“Jesus” Never Existed: Nothing Is New Or Original In Christianity

John G. Jackson proves that the story of “Jesus” came from a long tradition of “Savior God Cults” throughout world history.

For someone who is a religious fanatic this of course would be “blasphemous”, but I bet the same person who is offended by the suggestion that the story of Jesus not being original has never indulged in serious historical literature.

More than likely the only book they read is the bible and their entire historical reference is based on the bible, this is dangerous.

According to John G. Jackson’s “Christianity Before Christ”:

“Comparative hierologists have discovered records of about thirty Savior-God religions. These cults have spread over all the world in very remote times, but they show evidence of a common origin. The various Savior-Gods had the following similar traits:

  1. They were born on or near Christmas.
  2. Their mothers were virgins.
  3. They were born in a cave or stable.
  4. They worked for the salvation of humanity.
  5. They were called Saviors, Mediators, Healers, etc.
  6. They were overcome by evil powers.
  7. A descent into Hell was made by them.
  8. After being slain they arose from death and ascended to heaven at Easter.
  9. They were commemorated by Eucharistic rites.
  10. Many of these Savior-Gods were believed to make a second coming to the world.

Who are some of these “Savior Gods” found around the world that resemble the narrative of “Jesus” or “Christianity”?

Bel of Babylonia

John G. Jackson’s summarized drama of “Bel” is as follows: “Bel is taken prisoner. Bel is tried in the Hall of Justice. Bel is smitten. Bel is led away to the Mount. With Bel are taken two malefactors, one of whom is released. After Bel has gone to the mount, the city breaks into tumult. Bel’s clothes are carried away. Bel goes down into the Mount and disappears from life. Weeping women seek Bel at the Tomb. Bel is brought back to life.” – John G. Jackson, ‘Christianity Before Christ

Osiris of Egypt

“The entire Christian Bible, creation legend, descent into and exodus from Egypt, ark and flood allegory, Israelite history, Hebrew prophecy and poetry, Gospels, Epistles and Revelation imagery, all are now proven to have been the transmission of ancient Egypt’s scrolls and papyri into the hands of later generations which knew neither their true origin nor their fathomless meaning. Long after Egypt’s voice, expressed though the inscribed hieroglyphics, was hushed in silence, the perpetuated relics of Hamitic wisdom, with their cryptic message utterly lost, were brought forth and presented to the world by parties of ignorant zealots as a new body of truth…”. – John G. Jackson, ‘Christianity Before Christ

Prometheus of Greece

“One of the prominent themes of Greek mythology was the origin of evil. According to Hesiod (ninth century B.C.), Pandora, wife of Epimenides, owned a box, which the god Zeus had proclaimed should not be opened. Pandora opened her box which was filled with various troubles. These troubles then got loose in the world. Up to this time mankind had been supposed to be immortal. For the inquisitiveness of Pandora, Zeus invoked the curse of death for all humanity. Due to the wickedness of men, Zeus sent a flood to destroy the human race, but there were a few survivors. Prometheus, a creator-god, defied Zeus and became the benefactor of mankind. In order to alleviate the poverty and misery of early humanity, Prometheus stole fire from the sky-world and brought it to earth to serve humanity. This enraged Zeus, who held that fire was a possession of the gods and was not given to man, so Prometheus was condemned to be crucified on a crag on the Caucasus mountains. Here he was nailed to an upright beam of time fitted with extended arms of wood – in other words, a cross. The Greeks regarded Prometheus as a savior of the human race and commemorated his sacrifice by torch races at the Panathenaic games.” – John G. Jackson, ‘Christianity Before Christ

Mithra of Persia

“Mithra, an ancient Iranian sun-god, was born of a virgin on December 25th (Christmas). His first worshippers were shepherds, and he was followed in his travels by twelve companions. The Mithraists observed weekly sabbath days and celebrated the Eucharist by eating wafers marked with a cross. The two great Mithraic festivals were the Birth (Christmas) and the Resurrection (Easter). During the Easter rites, the priests placed an image of Mithra in a tomb. Later the chief priest announced the resurrection of the god by saying: “Be of good cheer, sacred band of Initiates, your god has risen from the dead. His pains and suffering shall be your salvation.”” – John G. Jackson, ‘Christianity Before Christ

Krishna of India

“The Hindu Christ, like many other savior-gods, was born of virgin. Krishna was the son of the Virgin Devaki. An angelic voice from heaven announced to the virgin: “In thy delivery, O favored among women, all nations shall have cause to rejoice.” The nativity of Krishna was heralded by a star at the time of his birth in a cave, where he was visited by wise men who brought him valuable presents. In the Apocryphal Gospel “Protevangelion,” a work attributed to James the brother of Jesus, we have been told that the Christian Savior was also born in a cave. At the time of the birth of Krishna the cave was mysteriously illuminated. Similarly, at the birth of Jesus there was such a bright light in the cave that the eyes of Joseph and the midwife could not bear it.” – John G. Jackson, ‘Christianity Before Christ

These are just a few of the major “Savior God” religions that came before Christianity. Once you really dive deep into the research you will see all of this stories and belief systems really do have common threads. This idea of a “Savior God” has been around for thousands of years before who the world calls “Jesus” even existed.

I’d highly recommend you get the book and other great works from John G. Jackson to find out complete details regarding world history, black history, religious history, etc.

Too many people use “faith” as an excuse to not do research or to not “know”. There’s plenty of books out there that provide accurate anthropology and solid world history that isn’t skewed by religious perspective.

Worship who and what you want, no one’s stopping you. However, you’ll be a fool to base your entire life and belief system on a book and philosophy that claims to be original but really is nothing more than a carbon copy of age old ideas and concepts. Your “Jesus” is not the first savior, and if this world continues on I’m sure it won’t be the last “Savior God” that will come to save humanity.

So you can choose to “believe”…

Or you can choose to “know”.

The choice is yours.

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