5 Reasons To Grow Dreadlocks

If you have never grew out your hair to explore the potentials of your natural hair, then I would recommend starting today. I have let my hair grow out into locs a couple of times and I have appreciated each individual journey. There are many good reasons you should grow your hair out into locs as well, let’s go through a few:

Express Yourself Through Your Locs

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Photo by Tarzine Jackson on Pexels.com

Whether you rock freeform or twisted locs, your hair is a reflection of your personality. With locs you would be able to express who you are without saying a single word. They will see your locs and say, “I see where he’s coming from”.

Seeing The Physical Manifestation Of Your Locs Is Therapeutic


Going through all of the “stages” involved in dreadlock growth and formation has positive impacts. Mostly on your self-esteem, self confidence and how you overall view yourself. I feel like this impact is magnified in the realm of freeform locs. Either way though, the process of growing out your hair helps you love and accept your natural self.

Low Maintenance


Tired of having to do your hair everyday? Locs are a solution. If you call yourself twisting your hair then that does take time and effort, but even that is still not everyday. Freeform locs are the definition of low maintenance. You could leave it alone completely or separate locs from others as they form. Either way you are not doing much at all besides keeping it clean. Locs are earned with time. There no shortcuts to a healthy set of locs. It is not an instant thing, it is a patient thing.

It’s Part Of Your Culture


As far back as you can go into history you will find locs. Let your hair growth spark a curiosity that makes you look into the past and see your roots. There is nothing shameful or dishonorable about having locs or “nappy” hair. Embrace your hair. Embrace your culture.

Save Money

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Being natural does save you a ton of money. If you decide to just let you hair do it’s own thing, you hair expenses will shrink. You may still get essential oils and natural shampoos but you wont be spending money every month for haircuts or hair styles. If you freeform, you save money by not spending it on getting your hair twisted.