Sat. Jan 25th, 2020


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Save A Life: Your Best Friend Could Be Suicidal But Too Afraid To Tell You

Everyday people commit suicide, but what if it was YOUR friend or family member?

I don’t think a lot of people grasp the seriousness of this dilemma until it becomes a personal experience. Once you actually lose a friend or family member then you see how easily this situation could creep up without you being aware.

Why wait till it happens?

Oftentimes it seems to be people who appear to be the “strongest”, or the “funniest” or the most “care-free” that hold the deepest pain. They usually are experts at hiding pain and frustration. Sometimes you could be overlooking the obvious in plain sight. You may have someone you love who says things like “I wish I was dead”, or “I can’t deal with life anymore” on a regular basis. They may be trying to reach out in a passive-aggressive way and you just aren’t getting the hint.

Or you may know someone who partakes in suicidal behaviors on a regular basis: using drugs, excessive drinking, dangerous life-threatening activities, etc. This person may feel like they are worthless, and have no value so they treat themselves like someone who has no value.

Either way, if you even think for a SECOND that one of your friends or family members is suicidal don’t be afraid to reach out. However, make sure you are reaching out in a true spirit of love and genuineness. This doesn’t mean you can’t have that serious talk, that intervention you need to have. This means be very aware that you’re dealing with someone who’s given up on themselves for the most part, and if you’re not careful you could push them completely off the edge. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Reach out to a loved one in pain and save a life.