Government Uses “Loud” Marijuana As A Form Of Chemical Warfare To Sedate Public

This new weed that’s out here is not real. If the Government is messing with our food, water, education, healthcare, and air then why not our weed too? Think about it…

– Jason Williams,

Black people in America have been “waking up” to the scandals and scams going on this country. More and more Black people finally see America for what it is, a giant private corporation owned and operated by the system of white supremacy.

As the rebellious spirit of Black Americans rise to that of the 60’s and 70’s the government is severely threatened by the inevitable revolt. America is terrified of it’s “chickens coming home to roost” as Malcolm X said.

A plan to suppress and sedate this revolt is of critical importance to the system of white supremacy.

I believe this dramatic increase of Marijuana potency is no accident. Not only that, but every major influencer of the black youth promotes heavy marijuana use. Smoking weed has been made to seem completely harmless and socially acceptable, even though it is still considered an illegal substance in many places.

The black youth of today deal with the highest levels of stress, grief, trauma, and anxiety. To be young and Black in America is like being on a rollercoaster in hell. Dealing with police brutality, social stigmas, trouble securing modest employment, unstable living situations, lack of family and community support could drive any normal person to a point of heartache and distress.

If anyone would “bring on the revolution” it would be young black people. The government knows this too. That’s why I believe so much propaganda is pushed to encourage young black males to adopt a heavy marijuana habit, it stalls the revolution. Brothas ain’t out “fighting the power” if they’re high out of their minds chillin’ on the couch.

To ensure this plan is successful I believe the promotion of “loud” is no accident. “Loud” is essentially extremely high grade marijuana. You have to do some serious altering of the natural growth process to make it so potent. When young black people are smoking this super strong weed, and a lot of it everyday, it does have negative effects on cognitive abilities. As Black men and women in America we need to be sharp and aware of our surroundings at ALL times.

As “Loud” is becoming legal in more places, it’s making it even more accessible to the public. Soon you’ll be able to buy top notch marijuana from your local grocery store. Although this would indeed be a stoner’s dream, all that glitters isn’t gold.

While young black stoners are foaming at the mouth waiting for easier access to high-grade marijuana, the system of white supremacy is plotting and planning on how to continue the domination of our lives for generations to come.

While we roll up backwoods, they are planning our permanent subservience.

I’m not saying that smoking weed is some awful thing, cause if we consume responsible amounts of naturally grown bud then it’s probably ok.

I’m saying that the weed we think is safe, is not, and while the system of white supremacy is in full effect we should consider that our weed is intentionally tampered with by the government just like everything else.

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