June 19, 2019

America Is Terrified Of The Growing Black Hebrew Israelite Movement

The Hebrew Israelites: ‘Black people (who came to America in slave ships), Hispanics, and Native Americans are the “lost sheep” of the Bible. White people are the Devil that Bible speaks of…’

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “Hebrew Israelite”, any decently conscious melanated mind could empathize with the overall idea of black people who came to America being “lost” and in need of mental resurrection. It must be said, I am not religious nor affiliated with the Hebrew Israelites in any way, as many subscribers of this blog know by now. Nonetheless, despite my personal extreme difference of opinion I wanted to write about the Hebrew Israelites impact on America.

There has been much debate about the validity of what they preach but there’s one thing that’s for sure, if any group of people would be considered “the devil” in the flesh, most melanated organizations will agree on a ‘common threat’. .

America in general has been terrified of Black masculinity since, forever. After 400 plus years of trying to suppress the masculinity of the black man, it takes pride in the spoils of generational terrorism, docile and cooperative black people.

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    I know the ‘supremacist’ minded among them will claim we are naturally docile and timid, forgetting all those years of traumatic brutality and violence that has created “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” amongst many black people to this very day.

    That’s why it seems strange when people like the Black Hebrew Israelites are telling caucasians the to their face that they are the “Devil” that the Bible speaks of.

    It must terrify least some of them, beneath their jokes and scoffs, they can tell that the spell of “white supremacy” (installed by way of generational terrorism) is wearing off, more and more black people are no longer quivering in fear of their former slave masters.

    The Black Hebrew Israelite movement is growing everyday, despite your opinion of them. White America (as well as some black folks) have tried desperately to bring their movement to a halt, claiming that are spewing at hate and lying about the contents of the Bible.

    Well, it looks like they haven’t stopped anything, instead they have made the various camps around America refine their knowledge and become stronger. They may have destroyed the “weak”, but they made the “strong”, even stronger.

    Despite the controversy, there are many Hebrew Israelites out there with admirable qualities. Once black people get passed their initial feelings, personal ideology differences and look at what they’re doing on a larger scale then maybe you’ll see the good in what they’re doing.

    At first many Black people were afraid to support people like Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X. As time went on they began to see the vision and fall in line accordingly.

    Now Black people all over the world admire those men and women who were once despised by America but rejoiced by the people America disrespected and rejected. Even if they don’t follow their religion or program, people still benefit from their knowledge, leadership and example.

    Many people have strong opinions or beliefs in the safety of their own home. Meanwhile these brothers have the courage to stand on what they know and believe in the public AND on camera for the world to see.

    So whether you believe in the doctrine of the Black Hebrew Israelites or not, if this is an organization that promotes ‘black empowerment’ and rebuilds the mind, body and soul of the ‘lost’ amongst the black community then it should be supported.

    If it turns out that this is an organization that discourages empowerment then it’s tolerance should be discontinued. We should learn to unite forces against a common threat instead of focusing our energy on destroying each other. Remember who the real enemy is, we’ll work everything else out later.