Africans Came To America Before Atlantic Slave Trade And Brought Civilization


When examining history and ancient civilizations, in every land mass on this planet, you could find evidence of so-called black people exploring & flourishing long before any other non-black groups [1]. Melanin once ruled the earth [2]. It should be no surprise to hear that the lands now called the Americas (North, Central, South) was once inhabited by a dark-skinned people with negro features, BEFORE The Atlantic Slave Trade [3].

Upon acknowledging this, it must make you wonder, what happened to those people? Did they all become extinct when the European colonizers brought disease, war, and captivity? If they’re not extinct, then where are these mystery people with negro features? If they are extinct, isn’t a strange coincidence that most of the people classified as African American or Black Americans resemble the earliest accounts of ‘Indians’ in America, as well as the uncanny resemblance to the Ancient Olmecs [4]?

“Once you go deeper in your research you’ll understand how the numbers given to us about The Atlantic Slave Trade have been dramatically exaggerated to cover up the fact Europeans enslaved millions of Africans that once ruled the American lands, re-classified them as Indians and negroes, and convinced the Africans that their American history started with slavery, in order to keep the stolen land for themselves.”

Jason Williams, trudreadz.com

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

American Aborigine (Left), Native American (Right)

We have ALL been lied to. For hundreds of years we as a people have suffered an identity crisis manufactured by the intentional manipulation of European imperialism.

We can no longer allow our identities to be changed like the seasons while we stay ignorant of who we really are. Since the beginning of European colonization in America our national identity has changed continuously; from Negro, to Black, to Colored, to African American. All of these are mis-classifications. Why would you want to classify yourself as something you are not? Who are you?

black Indians

Who were we before the first European settlers came to the land now commonly referred to as “America”? We are in fact ‘Africans’ but we did not just come here to America from Africa in chains. When you re-examine the popular narratives about American history and the slave trade taught to us in school history books you will quickly realize that a majority of the ‘Black American’ population are descendants of the original African population that brought advanced culture and civilization to the Americas.

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Contrary to popular belief, the real aborigines of the American lands had ‘NEGRO’ features. European explorers saw people in the new world described as having dark skin, wooly hair, broad noses, big eyes.

Thousands of years ago Africans found a way to America and settled here. I’ve been taught my whole life that all life started in Africa, around Ethiopia, based off of biblical descriptions of the garden of eden and the estimated dates of alleged ancient African artifacts discovered. I must admit, whether life started in Ethiopia or not, as of now it still makes sense that all human life originated from Africa. However, if it eventually turns out that the ancient civilizations in America pre-date the ones in Africa then history must be rewritten. It still wouldn’t change the fact the first people on the planet were dark-skinned, heavily-melanated people. I’ve got some leads I’m currently researching on in my attempt to discover the truth about dates of ancient civilizations. If I find something, I’ll let you know.


“It is in contradiction to the most elementary logic and to all artistic experience that an Indian could depict in a masterly way the head of a Negro without missing a single racial characteristic, unless he had actually seen such a person. The types of people depicted must have lived in America… The Negroid element is well proven by the large Olmec stone monuments as well as the terracotta items and therefore cannot be excluded from the pre-columbian history of the Americas.”

Alexander Von Wuthenau, The Art of Terracotta Pottery in Pre-Colombian South and Central America

If you go by the narrative, “All human life started in Africa”, then it makes since that the remnants we have of ancient civilization in the Americas all have people depicted with Negro or African features.

The issue is, some people are upset about the people (black americans) waking up to their ‘indigenous’ ancestry here, and claiming American lands instead of Africa.

There’s a serious misunderstanding here. It’s not about distancing from Africa, it’s about many so-called black americans have bloodlines that have lived on ‘American’ soil for thousands of years, long before the white man and the people of asiatic descent accepted  as ‘native americans’. Although the aborigines in America may have came from Africa thousands of years ago, it does not grant the so-called African-American any citizenship, sovereignty, or authority in Africa any more.

In 1988, Rev Jesse Jackson convinced America’s black population to adopt the term “African-American”. – newafricanmagazine.com

If, as of today, it’s commonly accepted that Africa is the ‘motherland’ of all civilization then why isn’t everyone alive on the planet considered African? How much time did it take before the original explorers from Africa settled in new lands, populated the area, and eventually renamed themselves in honor of the new communities and culture they established?

When you think of ‘natives of the American lands’ you think of people that look like the people in the photo below…


Although these people have lived in America for allegedly thousands of years, they were not responsible for the high civilizations of the ancient Americas, Africans are. It’s believed that ‘Native Americans’, like in the photo above, migrated across the Bering Strait from Asia at some point in time.


You’ll see in many ‘black’ people, “Indian features”, because the early Africans in American (so-called Black Americans)  and the ‘native americans’ (of East Asian descent)  have mixed bloodlines over time.  This is realistic considering how much contact they would’ve had with each other, before and after the europeans.

“What confronts us…on both side of The Atlantic are arrays of cultural parallels and when these are dealt with as complexes, we are faced by amazing statistical indications…When the whole list of Mediterranean-American parallels are considered together as an entity the probability of diffusion rather then independent development does not increase arithmetically but exponentially; for instance, a cluster of 12 parallels grouped together say, in Mesopotamia and Mexico does not weigh twelve times heavier in the discussion than a single parallel, but rather, according to the laws of probability, has increased its significance by a truly astronomical amount. Among other things, this mean that Isolationist’s technique of negating these parallels one by one by labeling them ‘coincidence’ is mathematically invalid.”

Ivan Van Sertima, They Came Before Columbus

There’s a good chance that if the so-called African Americans trace their family history they will discover that they are descended from the people indigenous to the lands now called the Americas, which you should know by now had ‘negro’ features.


My Theory

At some point thousands of years ago, the ancient Africans depicted by the Olmecs (based on features and culture, more then likely came from Africa) mixed with the ‘Native Americans’ that migrated from East Asia and that created the wide range of people with so-called ‘Indian’ features.

Earlier I stated,

“Once you go deeper in your research you’ll understand how the numbers given to us about The Atlantic Slave Trade have been dramatically exaggerated to cover up the fact Europeans enslaved millions of Africans that once ruled the American lands, re-classified them as Indians and negroes, and convinced the Africans that their American history started with slavery, in order to keep the stolen land for themselves.”

“This, then, is the case for contact between Egypt and the New World in the 800-700 B.C period, a period in which the blacks of Nubia had gained ascendancy over the Egyptian empire and appeared, according to carbon-14 datings, in the Olmec world of Mexico as monumental figures, venerated and revered.”

Ivan Van Sertima, They Came Before Columbus

There are many ‘blacks’ that have retained more negro/african features from their ancestors then others over the years. You can see different variations of this racial combination all throughout the American Lands, even more variations are seen today with much more interracial mixing than in the past. It’s important understand that the American lands was first introduced to high civilization by a highly advanced melanated people with negro/african features. Africans were in America long before Columbus.


After centuries of mass manipulation of the public by way of mis-education why wouldn’t I be confused? Why wouldn’t we be confused? It’s extremely frustrating when I hear other so-called “African-Americans” talk about us being confused as a people like it is a laughing matter. As if it’s funny that millions of our people have no idea who they are or where they come from. If we are ever to breach the fortified ignorance forced upon our people then we must be willing to teach and inform as oppose to criticize and ostracize our own people.

“A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself.” — Malcolm X