If You Want Long, Healthy Locs Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals In Your Hair

There’s a dangerous trend of people using unnatural products in their locs and expecting positive results. To make matters worse they leave those dangerous chemicals in their hair for weeks or months without washing it out.


Watch the video to see what happens when you put a lot of product in your hair and don’t wash it enough. These problems are magnified if you put unnatural chemicals in your locs on a regular basis.

Sometimes washing locs can be a lot of hard work, especially as your hair gets longer. However, if you DO NOT wash your locs enough you will have serious problems.

This is especially true if you use products in your hair that don’t belong, use unnatural products in your hair and what happened to man in the video will happen to you as well.

This is why I recommend using natural products on your locs and shampooing frequently.