Children’s Book ‘Hair Love’ Shines Positive Light On Black Fathers & Natural Hair

This Book Is Helping Shift Mainstream Stereotypes Of Black Fathers In A Positive Direction

Matthew A. Cherry, author of ‘Hair Love’ wants to put Black dads in a positive spotlight while breaking negative mainstream stereotypes surrounding Black fatherhood and natural black hair.

I am a father with 3 kids so I find this very significant. There’s been many times where my Queen wasn’t available to do our kids hair for one reason or another and I’ve had to step in to get them ready. I don’t mind at all. People may not see me as the type to “do hair” but nonetheless that is one of my roles as a black father. So I can appreciate what Matthew is trying to do.

Oftentimes media does present black men in a negative spotlight, especially when it comes to fatherhood. There are always “bad apples” in any kind of category but the picture that is painted of us is overwhelmingly pitiful and negative when it comes us being responsible and loving parents.

There are more Black fathers in the world taking care of their children, like any respectable human being would, than not. Don’t believe the hype. We love our children.

Make sure you check out Matthew’s book, ‘Hair Love’, and support the movement.