Stop, No, & Don’t: Thou Shall Not Touch My Locs, Ever

All throughout out my loc journey I’ve heard this infamous question “Can I touch your locs?”

I’ve noticed over time that this question bothered me more when white people asked then when black people asked.

I felt like white people wanted to touch my hair like I’m some circus freak on display to entertain the town. When black people asked, I felt like there was a genuine desire to learn about a hair texture similar to their own. Nonetheless, because of my personality, I don’t like anyone touching my hair besides my kids or my Queen.

Here’s 3 reasons Why I Don’t Want You Touching My Hair:

  1. It’s My F***ing Hair! – You may have touched on somebody else’s hair before but I am not them. Not me, not today. Don’t take it personally, just respect my personal boundaries.
  2. I Am Not A Circus Show – Just because you’ve never been properly acquainted with the mighty magnificence of locs it doesn’t not give you a first-class ticket to my scalp or my locs. If you want entertainment, open your YouTube App.
  3. Don’t Know Where You’re Hands Have Been – For all I know you could’ve just came out the bathroom from a serious #2 and now you are attempting to put your fecal fingers on my precious locs. Smh.