July 1, 2019

You Must Find Divinity In Your Flaws & Have Faith In Yourself To Reach Enlightenment

We Need To Accept To Ourselves And Trust In Our Own Power

(Cover Art: Mart Biemans)

This is something many have to learn the hard way. For some of us, we hold our own self back because of low self-esteem. We buy into what other people think of us. Our reality and sense of self is based of the perceptions of what other people believe to be “normal”.

Once we start accepting ourself for who we are, and began to embrace what we thought were flaws, things will really start changing for us. We’ll start to realize that we don’t really have flaws unless we decide that they are flaws. We’ll realize within that ‘I am that I am’. It could be a good idea to start re-accessing ourself without using the titles and definitions the world provides. Perhaps we should make our own titles and definitions that fit what we know and understand about ourselves.

Gaining a knowledge of self helps us find a strong foundation to stand on that is firm and unbreakable. That strong foundation has been within us the whole time. We just didn’t notice it because sometimes, we were too busy feeling sorry ourselves to look in the mirror and see the divine glory of….us.

All of the books we read and things we study just seem to bring out the light that was already there, in a weird way they make us remember what we’re already suppose to know.

It must be a priority to know we know who we are, what we are and what we can do. Now there’s nothing we should be afraid of, there’s nothing we can’t do, because the universe is mental and the mind is all.