July 14, 2019

Facebook Fined 5 Billion Dollars For Privacy Violations, Violated Users Get Nothing

This is good news for the average Facebook user, right?

“The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reportedly approved a roughly $5-billion US settlement against the social media company follows an investigation into privacy violations.”

CBC News

Although it would seem we should began checking our mailboxes for our fair share of the “privacy violation” settlement, it appears the average Facebook won’t be seeing this money. Who exactly will get this money? That part is not clear, but it is obvious it won’t be divvied up amongst the violated users of the online platform.

Also while 5 Billion dollars dollars seems like a lot, in reality, a company like Facebook makes this kind of money monthly. Not only that, but apparently Facebook has been putting money aside just for this incident in case it came down to financial penalties. So not only is this fine a slap on the wrist, but it won’t even be received by the people who actually had their rights violated the most.