If The Little Mermaid Was Real She’d Be Black, No Possible Way She’d Be Caucasian

The 19 year-old Black Actress and R&B Singer, Halle Bailey, was chosen to play the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s 1989 cartoon “The Little Mermaid”. While many people are celebrating her achievement to earn such a high profile acting gig, white people are pissed.

On the 4th of July, which is allegedly suppose to be celebrating the freedom of all Americans, #NotMyAriel was trending on twitter. Once again, white America exposed themselves to still be the same racists that black people have always known was hidden under the illusionary, pretend progressive “forget about the past, we love everyone” attitude.

Since the announcement of Halle Bailey being the new Ariel, white people have been desperately looking high and low for any scientific justification supporting why their beloved Caucasian mermaid can not and should be portrayed by a black woman. Where was this investigative spirit when white people continuously portray people of ancient Egypt as pale faces? What about the ancient figures from the Bible who are portrayed as white people with a ‘light tan’?

Young Pharaoh, one of the most controversial figures of the black ‘conscious community’, has gotten wind of the this argument and decided to drop some jewels about the realistic origins of mermaids (if they were real).

According to the video above, he claims if mermaids were real they would most definitely be black. Pharaoh basis his argument off the biological and genetic potential within the melanated body, the enormous time gap between how long black people and Caucasians have been on planet earth, and how black people of the ancient world referenced mermaids before there was a such thing as a cave man or a ‘white’ person.

Cover Photo – IG: @denvertakespics