Rising Black Author, Jenavia Powell, Says Becoming A Poet ‘Saved Her Life’

Jenavia Powell is a rising black author/poet with many publications under her pen. It’s always a treat to see black entrepreneurs who not only strive for self sufficiency but aim to maintain cultural integrity in the process.

You can stay ‘tru’ and make money too.

So for all you poetry lovers and black business supporters make sure you check out Jenavia Powell’s collection of amazing of poetry: Shades Of My Lipstick, Untamed, Jenavation, Jenology. All of her books are available on Amazon.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer/poet. Poetry saved my life, I could’ve gone down the wrong path if I didn’t follow my dream of  becoming a writer. Being a black writer/poet has opened doors to great opportunities, Becoming self published is the best decision I’ve ever made. I make my own rules and It  allows me to be as free as I want to be. It allows me to educate the black youth in a very unique way. My goal is to reach young black people and to inspire them to do great things and to follow their dreams as writers/poets. Hopefully, I can keep black literature alive for many years to come.”

Jenavia Powell

Here’s Are A Couple Pieces Of Poetry From Her 4th book, “JENOLOGY”:

The Real Fruits Of Earth

We are


Black cherries

All of the raspberries

Oranges and


that teaches

with lectures

filled with the sweetest




we are


we get

taken for granted

by rotten grapes

we have been raped

by them

the white him,

whom made wine

from our fine melanin

So mean

to us


and we still give them juice

from our passion fruits

instead of giving it to

our youth

and telling them

the truth

how much more shall we lose

more cantaloupe

so much to know

stuffed in unseen envelopes

with the rest of the


and pears

make them theirs

so unfair

but they don’t care

those sour lemons and limes

no lemonade for us

getting away with the perfect crime


still to this day

they’re forever selling

making money off of us

the sweetest watermelon

us, the plums

placing us in the slums

when will we

pick our own apples

and stop selling out to snapple

that no good fruit tea

owned by white supremacy.

i mean, seriously,

when will we benefit

from our own dose

when will it become known

that we were once sold

to those whom only made us into samples

used us as examples

making our strawberries and


into mixed berries

and calling it passable

making them more “acceptable”

and yet not quite,

because our berry skin isn’t so bright

and can’t quite pass for white

like they want us all to believe

then, turn around and make ignorance

come out with the “darker berries are sweet”

making us feel like we can’t get married

so they throw in blueberries

to throw us off

making us mad at whom we choose

so we don’t get together at all

All because one is dark and one is light

let me tell you this, light isn’t white

it’s dark with a spot light on it

some just have a little bit of powdered sugar sprinkled on it

As if we don’t belong with each other

turning us against each other

turning us into nasty fruit cake

become something we know isn’t good and isn’t real

we accept ourselves as fake

plastic fruit bowls are only for decoration

that’s how they want us,

because the real fruit bowl is for procreation

To keep alive

our sweet melanin

that is within our Alpha Male

And Queen feminine.

How come we can’t make our own ambrosia

add some of that coconut flavor

just to make some them other folks into haters

because that’s what we do

me and you

strong banana tree roots

oh honeydew

where’s my guava, apricot and cranberry juice

we need to remember that we are the real fruit

of earth.

(c) Jenavia Powell 2018-2019

The Significance Of The Black Man

The black man is as necessary

To life

As a king is to a kingdom

As a king is to a queen

As a king is to chess

As a husband is to a wife

As a father is to a child

How else will we have protection

The black man is as significant

To life

As melanin is to skin

As yellow is to gold

As silver is to platinum

As shine is to diamonds

As pharaohs is to ruler

How else will we have royalty

The black man is to me

The definition of


The definition of


The spiral back bone



(C) Jenavia Powell 2019

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