Reparations Doesn’t ‘Pay’ For Over 400 Years Of Rape, Robbery, And Murder

You can’t put a price on our ancestor’s suffering.

Photo Credit: Django Unchained (2012)

Imagine this, a Caucasian family was kidnapped by a group black people. Then, the black people proceeded to rape, rob and murder the family members one by one. Let’s say one of the family members managed to escape and survive. Do you think the caucasian that escaped would be willing to receive a check in place of actual justice for his or her family? Hell no. So for black people (millions upon millions), who have experienced all of the above at the hands of barbaric Caucasians for over 400 years, shouldn’t be expected to forgive America because of a “reparations” check.

Every time America is attacked there is an immediate retaliation against the perpetrator. Did America ‘call it even’ with a reparations check over 9/11? What about the attack on Pearl Harbor? Hell, what about the Boston Tea Party? No. America has never accepted a ‘check’ in place of ‘justice’.

So why is this expected of Black America? Does America owe us? F*ck yes. That doesn’t mean the sins of America are pardoned or forgiven, that just means we finally we get what our ancestors worked for. America’s wealth was created on the backs of our forefathers. Those major corporations that have been around for hundreds of years certainly funded their beginnings with ‘slave money’.

So why must we, the descendants of the black people who built America’s wealth, be cut out of our fair share? That is unless, America wants to admit that even in 2019 it still upholds the ‘system of white supremacy’ and black people are still considered less than a human in its eyes. That would be the only reason why we wouldn’t get our ‘fair share’ from a country that prides itself on being a ‘free nation’ that has moved beyond its dark murderous past. So America, what is it? Don’t worry, most of us already know the answer.

Your dirty, inflated, worthless, counterfeit currency can never compensate for the millions upon millions of black lives that you’ve stolen, raped, enslaved and murdered. You can’t write off your ‘white guilt’ with a check, then go back to being the same racist America the next day like business as usual.

However, we still do have a problem. You have two choices. You can uphold your claim to being a justice loving country and give the descendants of the Black people who built this country our fair share of the wealth our ancestors made for you. It won’t ‘even the score’ but at least we’d have what’s rightfully ours. Or just come out and say it plain, “f*ck you ni**ers, we still hate you and you’ll never get a dime or a hint of remorse from us.” At least that way there’s no confusion, and then we can decide from there what our future agendas should be.

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